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Island Gurl Foods Kerobokan

Island Gurl Foods, Kerobokan

Barat, Thailand, Aneka nasi
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Papaya saladTradisional Thai Papaya salad muddled with roasted peanut and lime. Choices of mild, medium or spicy. or no chilli at all. Please mention how spicy you want it. Macros: Protein 2.6kcal, Calories 111g, fat 2.3g, Carbs 23g.


Chicken Avocado SaladMixed organic green salad with carrot, cherry tomatoes topped with marinated grilled chicken and avocado with honey mustard dressing. Calories 200kcal, Carbs 11.5g, Protein 16.1g


Chicken Avocado Salad LargeMixed organic green salad, avocado topped with marinated grilled chicken accompanied with honey mustard dresssing


Green apple Chicken saladMixed green salad with grilled chicken and green apple with honey mustard dressing. Calories 200kcal, Carbs 11.5g, Protein 16.1g



Vegetable Spring Rolls3 pcs veggie spring rolls served with spicy mayonaise dipping sauce. Macros: Carbs 7g, Protein 1g, Fat 0.5g. Total Calories 40g


Veggie samosapotato curry samosa 3pcs with spicy mayonaise dipping sauce. Macros: Calories 155g, Carbs 24g, Fat 17g, Protein 3.5g


Beef Samosa (3pcs)Mince Australian beef with curry flavour served with spicy mayonaise dipping sauce. Macros: Calories 260g, Carbs 40g, Fat 5g, Protein 13g



Tom Yum KungTraditional Thai spicy sour soup with Shrimp, galangal, mushroom corriander. Served with white steamed rice.


Tom Yum Kai (Tom Yum Chicken)Traditional Thai Spicy and sour soup with chicken, galanggal, mushroom and corriander. Served with white steamed rice


Hearthy Minestroni SoupTraditional Minestroni soup with carrot, celery, macaroni spiral pasta in rich tomato broth. It rich in nutrition and warm up your heart. Macros: Calories 127g, Carbs 21g, Fat 2.8g, Protein 5.1g


Tom Kha GaiThai Coconut spicy and sour hot soup, with Chicken and mushroom. The spice is combine with lots of Galagal, lemon grass and corriander


Tom Kha TofuThai coconut spicy, hot and sour soup with mushroom, eggplant and tofu. Spices combines of galagal, ginger, lemongrass and corriander. served with white rice


Healthy Food and Curries

Mums Chicken and potatoes CurrySouth African style chicken curry with a lil spicy curry flavour served with choices of yellow Cauliflowers rice or 2pcs of Roti Paratta. Macros: Calories 160kcal, Carbs 6.11g, Protein 14.8g, Fat 8.6g


Large Mums Chicken and potatoes curry (a lil spicy)One and a half portion of our Mums Chicken Curry. Served with more yellow Cauliflowers rice and tomatoes salsa


Thai Red Vegetables CurrySavory Thai Red Curry with mixed vegetables included tofu, green eggplant, green beans, basil, carrots and potatoes. Macros: Calories 233kcal, Carbs 11g, Fat 18g, Protein 50g.


Vegetables Thai Green Curry. Macros: 235kcal, carbs 5g, Fat 13g, Protein 53gSavory and spicy Thai Green Curry with mixed vegetables tofu, green eggplant, green beans, basil, carrots and potatoes served with choices of White steam rice or Cauliflowers rice. The level of spicyness cannot be change.


Cauliflowers fried rice ChickenLow Carb and keto friendly fried rice made of Cauliflowers and chicken, acompanied with tomatoes salsa. Very healthy and light meal. Macros: Calories 14kcal, Carbs 3g, Fat 0.90g, Protein 140g (from the chicken)


Cauliflowers fried rice VegetarianFried rice made of Cauliflowers good for your diet served with tomato salsa. Low carb and keto friendly. Macros : Calories 14kcal, Carbs 3g, Fat 0.90g, Protein 1g


Large Vegetarian Cauliflowers Fried RiceFried Rice made of Cauliflowers with tasty flavour, you wont taste the cauliflowers at all


Large Cauliflowers fried rice ChickenDouble size of Cauliflowers fried rice with chicken and mixed veggie. seved with tomatoes salsa choices of spicy or no chilli at all


Rice and Noodles

Chicken PadthaiThai style stir fried rice noodle dish served with tofu, chicken and springkle with crush peanut, corriander and beansprout


Veggie PadthaiThai style stir-fried rice noodle served with tofu, mixed vegetables, topped with crushed peanut


Shirataki stir fried noodles with VegetablesShirataki noodles is natural, gluten free, low carb, low calorie, keto friendly, preservative free, and vegan. Shirataki noodles also contain a healthy dose of fiber making them a great choice for those trying to lose weight


Stir fried Shirataki noodles with ChickenStir fried Miracle noodles shirataki with zero carb and calories, perfect for your diet. Comes with mix vegetables and chicken.


Spicy Basil ChickenTraditional Thai Basil Chicken served with white rice and sunny side up egg on top


Pineaple Fried Rice VeggieTraditional Thai Fried rice with mixed vegie and pineapple


Pineapple Fried Rice with ChickenThai style fried rice with chicken n mixed vegetables. very yummy, the sweetness of pineapple blend with thai spices is for sure satisfied your hunger.


Vegie Tom Yum Fried RiceMixed Veggie Fried Rice with Tom Yum Flavour accompanion with tomatoes salsa


Chicken tom yum fried riceFried Rice flavored tom yum with chicken topped with fried egg and tomatoes salsa


Paket Menu Combo

Paket AComes with small chicken salad, 2pcs of vegie samosa, and Mums chicken curry with yellow cauliflowers rice


Paket BPapaya salad, 2pcs of vegie samosas, Thai Basil chicken served on top of steamed jasmine rice


Paket C Vegie combosmall Green salad, 2pcs veg spring roll with Thai Red Veggie curry served with Cauliflowers rice


Food drink Promo

Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice + strawberry ITChicken pineapple fried rice served along with our refreshing strawberry Ice Tea


Mums Chicken Curry with orange juiceOur best seller chicken curry served with choices of yellow Cauliflowers rice, or white steam rice or 2pcs of roti rolls and served along with fresh squezze kintamani orange juice to quench your thirst


Chicken salad with Strawberry Ice TeaGrilled Chicken Salad accompanion with our refreshing Strawberry Ice Tea


side order

Indian RotiIndian Roti Roll 1pc


Yellow Cauliflowers rice150 gr Rice made of Cauliflowers


White steamed rice (nasi putih)Plain white rice


Menu minuman / Drink menu

Fresh squeeze orangesRefreshing blended oranges with a hit of lime


Strawberries Ice TeaBlend strawberries ice tea with lime


Pineapple n strawberry with lime juiceRefreshing juice to quench your thirst


Strawberry JuiceBlend Strawberry with touch of lime


Traktir Gojek Driver (food for your driver)

Thai Fried Rice and Ice Tea for your driverThai Fried Rice with mixed vegetables and scrambled egg and Ice tea


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