Mood Butter, Everplate Sudirman
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Mood Butter, Everplate Sudirman

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Snacks, Sweets, Bakery

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Flourless Chocolate Cake Gluten Free Slice

Dark chocolate cake with fine ingredients that will melts in your mouth. Less sweet. Contain eggs.


Basque Cheesecake Gluten Free Slice

Creamy sweet with burnt caramel at the bottom part. No wheat flour.


Mini Chocolate Espresso Brownies Gluten Free

Deep chocolate brownies with a hint of espresso.


Mini Chocolate Walnut Brownies Gluten Free

Deep chocolate brownies with walnut chunks.


Chiffon Sandwich Milk Tea Gluten Free

Light and less sweet. Best consumed when its cold and frozen. Milk tea addict should try this.


Chiffon Sandwich Chocolate Gluten Free

Chocolate sweet and creamy. Suit for your sweet tooth. No wheat flour.


Chiffon Sandwich Klepon Gluten Free

Traditional taste of klepon with a brown sugar coconut pastry cream inside.


Tiramisu Gluten Free Cup Mini

All-time favorites. Home-made gluten free Lady Finger dipped in espresso.


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