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Biryani Khan Manggarai

Biryani Khan, Manggarai

Timur Tengah, Aneka nasi, India
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Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Mutton (Kambing) BiryaniTender Goat Meat Pieces Cooked In Aromatic Spices Will Melt In Your Mouth. The Real Deal The Original Hyderabadi Biryani

71,400 84,000

Chicken (Ayam) BiryaniBasmati rice and chicken cooked in aromatic spices. Served with one leg piece and sides of raita, sliced veggies, and a hardboiled egg

57,400 67,500

Vegetarian (Sayur) BiryaniBasmati rice and mixed vegetables cooked in aromatic spices. Served with raita. Its Vegan

39,100 46,000

Middle Eastern

Gyro chicken Rice With SaladGyro chicken an Mediterranean inspiration for India tandoori chicken, served with basmati rice cooked with aromatic spices, refreshing veg salad and specially made creamy white sauce as well as spicy red sauce.

54,400 64,000

Extra/Half Biryani

Extra/Half Mutton BiryaniHyderabadi Mutton Biryani Half The Regular Portion Served With One Piece Of Mutton

23,000 27,000

Extra/Half Chicken BiryaniHyderabadi Chicken Biryani Half A Regular Portion Of Rice With One Chicken Piece

17,000 20,000

Extra/Half Veg BiryaniVeg/Vegan Biryani Half The Portion Of The Regular Veg biryani

15,300 18,000

Roti N Curry

Cashew Cream Chicken CurryCreamy Chicken curry with select Indian spices and boiled potatoes to balance the spiciness With Blended Cashews That Gives The Creamy Finish. Perfect for Two paratha.


Cashew Cream Chicken Curry and 2 Roti Cane SetSpicy Cashew Cream Chicken Curry With 2 (Two) Pieces Of Roti Cane (Kerala Style Parota)

45,900 54,000

Chettinad MUTTON (Kambing) CURRYThe Centuries Old Tamil Nadus Pride Chetinad Stype Of Cooking With Roasted Spices And Grated Coconut


Veg Curry (Vegan)Cashew Cream Curry With Selected Vegetables Cooked With Aromatic Spices In 300 ml Cup


Roti Cane / Parota (Tawar)Roti Cane - A Thick Kerala parota style roti. This Is A Plain Roti To Be Had With Curry. This Item Doesnt Come With Any Sides


Garlic Flat Bread 4 pcs - VeganFour pieces of Iranian flat bread brushed with garlic and plant based butter and parsley. Best eaten with our curry or Chicken 65

7,300 14,500

Finger Food

Chicken 65Tender Chicken Cooked In Spicy Spices And Flour.. Its So Juicy That It Will Melt In Your Mouth


Chilli Khubz - VeganKhubz (Iranian flat bread) cut and stir fried with green chilies, red onion, tomato and plenty of spices. Served with a side of Raita



Teh BotolTeh Botol 330ml


Minute Maid Pulpy OrangeMinute Maid Pulpy Orange 300ml


Tonic WaterTonic Water 330ml


Coca ColaCoca Cola Can 330ml


SpriteSprite Can 330ml


Pocari SweatPocari Sweat 330ml


Ginger AleGinger Ale 330ml



Carrot / Wortel Halwa (100g)Slow Cooked Carrot Halwa Made With Imported Carrots, Fresh Milk And Ghee Roasted Dry Fruits And Nuts


Carrot / Wortel Halwa (50g)Slow Cooked Carrot Halwa Made With Imported Carrots, Fresh Milk And Ghee Roasted Dry Fruits And Nuts



YakultBest Desert After A Spicy Biryani


Extra Raita (60ml)Thinly Sliced Red Onions With Mildly Salted Yogurt Flavored by Coriander Leaves


1 Extra Boiled EggA Good Side To Go With A Spicy Biryani


Lemon+Cucumber+OnionsCut Onions, Cucumbers and Lemon


Yakult Pack Of 5Yakult The Perfect Desert For A Spicy Meal


Gyro White Saus (Tangy)A tangy saus made with Yogurt, lemon, parsley and condiments


Gyro Red Saus (Spicy)A spicy Mediterranean saus made with spicy orange chillies and tomatoes and other condiments


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